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At Higgins Building & Remodeling we emphasize quality in all that we do. Fred Higgins started right out of high school in 1973 to work for his father's 20 year old construction company before going into partnership with him in 1977, and became the sole owner of the business in 1990.

Earl Higgins always insisted that the work be of the highest quality so that every customer would receive a job well done and his crew would feel pride in their work.

Fred Higgins continues this tradition to this day. He is an experienced house builder and renovator, a general contractor, a licensed construction supervisor and holds a home improvement license.

Higgins Building & Remodeling provides all carpentry & general contracting services mostly in the remodeling field, with a few custom homes mixed in. Whatever our customers need, whether installing a new window or door, updating a kitchen or bath, renovating an existing space or adding a new room, building a deck, porch, out building or even an entire house, as professional building contractors we can handle jobs of any size.

For over 35 years, we have continued to provide the best in workmanship and courteous, friendly service.

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Tips for stress-free home remodeling

Here's a guide for how to budget, plan a remodel, and choose a contractor.

By HOME AND GARDEN STAFF / The Orange County Register

Dreaming about remodeling your home but don't want the nightmares that too often are associated with it?

The strain on your marriage. No bathroom or kitchen for weeks on end. Dirt and dust everywhere. Workers on the job before you even wake up. A remodel that never seems to end.

Remodeling your home doesn't mean you have to live these nightmares. It's kind of like what makes a good marriage; you have to work at it.

Here are 25 tips to help you budget, plan the remodel and choose a contractor or home remodeling company.

1. Decide first why you want to remodel. To gain more room? Update your home? This will help you focus and plan the remodel rather than approaching it willy-nilly.

2. If a restructuring of your home will be involved, check with your local building department about whether ordinances will restrict your effort. Are there easements? For instance, buried electrical cable may run through one side of your yard. The electric company may hold the rights to that land. It would prevent you from building a permanent structure on it. Are there height limitations? Perhaps you're restricted to a one-story house. If you add to your home, perhaps a second floor will block a neighbor's view.

3. If you belong to a homeowners association, must you get association approval first? This can include everything from additions to the color of walls.

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