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At Higgins Building & Remodeling we emphasize quality in all that we do. Fred Higgins started right out of high school in 1973 to work for his father's 20 year old construction company before going into partnership with him in 1977, and became the sole owner of the business in 1990.

Earl Higgins always insisted that the work be of the highest quality so that every customer would receive a job well done and his crew would feel pride in their work.

Fred Higgins continues this tradition to this day. He is an experienced house builder and renovator, a general contractor, a licensed construction supervisor and holds a home improvement license.

Higgins Building & Remodeling provides all carpentry & general contracting services mostly in the remodeling field, with a few custom homes mixed in. Whatever our customers need, whether installing a new window or door, updating a kitchen or bath, renovating an existing space or adding a new room, building a deck, porch, out building or even an entire house, as professional building contractors we can handle jobs of any size.

For over 35 years, we have continued to provide the best in workmanship and courteous, friendly service.

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Best Home Improvement Projects for Your Money

Steel entry door replacement: Homeowners who install a steel front door recoup on average nearly 129 percent of the project's cost when they sell the home, according to the report. Sal Alfano, the editorial director Remodeling magazine, says that's in part because a steel door is less expensive than the alternatives. A fiberglass front door replacement project, for example, costs about three times more than a steel door replacement, according to the report. But a steel door can still be attractive enough to boost your home's curb appeal. "A brand new door makes a big first impression on somebody who is looking at the house," Alfano says.

A steel door can also make a home more energy efficient, says home improvement expert Danny Lipford. "Steel most of the time has a magnetic weather stripping," Lipford says. "So you close it and that magnetic weather stripping seals it up very nicely." But Lipford cautions that while steel makes for a nice painted surface, it doesn't work with all design tastes. "If you are going for a stained look, a rich wood look, you can simulate the stain, but as soon as you knock on [the steel door] you know that it has an unrealistic look to it."

Attic bedroom: Homeowners who turn their dusty old attic into a functional bedroom recoup on average about 83 percent of the project's cost when they sell the home, according to the report. At around $49,000 a job, converting an attic into a bedroom is certainly more expensive than replacing your front door. But when it comes to adding new livable space to your home, building an attic bedroom is often easier on your budget than the alternatives. A family room addition, for example, can run around $83,000. "When you are adding to the footprint of the house you have foundation costs, dirt work, and all of that," says Paul Zuch, the president of Capital Improvements. "But if you are doing an attic conversion you don't have all of those."

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